Gordon is a recognized professional services design firm providing civil engineering, landscape architecture, land surveying, land planning, and physical site security design to a broad spectrum of market sectors and clients. What makes Gordon unique is the way we practice in both the public and private market sectors. Gordon has a proven track record of working with federal agencies, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, USACE, NAVFAC, DHS, GSA, NIH, NPS, WHS, Architect of the Capitol, Smithsonian, and others. Additionally, we work with numerous local municipalities and state agencies, in addition to K-12 schools and higher education schools. Our private sector work includes a vast land development portfolio comprised of large mixed-use campuses, data centers, residential subdivisions, multi-family developments, retail, and industrial projects.

USCG St. Elizabeths West Campus – Washington, DC


At Gordon, we foster innovative thought in a collaborative team atmosphere. We value employee input, support individual career growth opportunities, and cultivate future leaders in an inclusive environment, allowing each staff member to be engaged in exciting and more importantly, successful projects.

We have established a “Gordon University”, “Gordon Grad Group” and a “Gordon Culture Committee” all in efforts to help improve the flow of information, job quality/performance, work atmosphere, and provide training opportunities. Gordon understands that the best teamwork is built through a sharing of experiences, both professional and personal. Therefore, we promote cross-training to ensure quality control, and our staff remains active both in the office and within our local community.